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Garbage IN means Garbage OUT

I was reading a devotional the other day that talked about this.  It's a devotional on fear and anxiety and how we can deal with these emotions.  The devo talked about what early computer programmers would have to do to get a computer to output correctly.  They would use punch cards to do this, like this pic right here that I got off Google.    

They would have to make sure they were on the right lines and punching out the correct numbers or else the computer's output of what it received would be wrong.  If that happened the programmers would have to start all over again with a new card.  Can you imagine?!  This is insanity to me.  
Thank goodness our bodies and brains are not so fickle...or are they?  
Think about how you feel when you're eating right and you do a workout, then think about how you feel when you eat foods that are not so good for you or you eat an excess of food and then workout.  I bet there's a big difference.  
What about when you are feeding your …