Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Garbage IN means Garbage OUT

I was reading a devotional the other day that talked about this.  It's a devotional on fear and anxiety and how we can deal with these emotions.  The devo talked about what early computer programmers would have to do to get a computer to output correctly.  They would use punch cards to do this, like this pic right here that I got off Google.    

They would have to make sure they were on the right lines and punching out the correct numbers or else the computer's output of what it received would be wrong.  If that happened the programmers would have to start all over again with a new card.  Can you imagine?!  This is insanity to me.  

Thank goodness our bodies and brains are not so fickle...or are they?  

Think about how you feel when you're eating right and you do a workout, then think about how you feel when you eat foods that are not so good for you or you eat an excess of food and then workout.  I bet there's a big difference.  

What about when you are feeding your brain with motivational books or articles and watching helpful things and you tackle your workout and your work day and your family?  I bet your attitude is a lot different when you're NOT giving yourself those good things to read.  I bet you might be more moody and not as peaceful about what you have to do in a day.  I bet when you DO read and watch good motivational things you feel like you can conquer the world.  

Am I wrong?  

Am I right? 

Do you know what it feels like to feed your body and brain good things?  Maybe not...

I find that I am usually good on one side of that and bad on the other.  My meal plan will be spot on, but my reading and watching will be junk, or I'm reading and watching good things while I'm eating extra crackers or a cookie, LOL!  Can I get a witness?!?!  But when those are in, the results that I get are amazing!  And I'm not just talking about they way my body looks, but the way I am in general.  My attitude and energy about everything I touch in a day changes.  

I have more patience with my girls and my husband.  I am more diligent at work and at home.  I feel like a totally different person!  It's kinda weird  O.o

So, let me challenge you like I'm challenging myself today.  What are your goals?  Write it/them the next time you eat ask yourself, "Is this going to get me to my goal or is this a set back?"  The next time you start to read or watch something ask yourself, "Is this really giving me the motivation I need to get to my goals or is this mindless and will do nothing for me?"  Those are tough questions to ask me...I know!  I've winced at what I've been spending my time on and what I've been eating lately.  Binge watching Netflix is not going to do ANYTHING for me if I want to organize my house and redecorate.  Eating pizza and Publix sugar cookies is NOT going to help me shake this extra 10 or so pounds I've got on me.  

What ever goes in will eventually make it's way out.  Garbage in means garbage out.  Why do you think Oscar is always a grouch?!  LOL!  

You are a powerful super computer and your body needs the right holes punched to create the output you desire.  Remember that...and remember that you're worth it.


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