21 Day Fix Extreme 7/21

Daily Journal during the 21 Day Fix Extreme
What I eat, what I drink, how I feel, and whatever else I want to say!

Green = Veg
Red = Protein
Yellow = Carbs
Purple = Fruit
Blue = Healthy Fats
Orange = Seeds & Dressings
Tsp = Oils and Nut Butters

1200-1499 Calories a day
CC Day: 3 Green, 6 Red, 1 Yellow, 3 tsp
Extreme Day: 3 Green, 4 Red, 2 Yellow, 2 Purple, 1 Blue, 1 Orange, 2 tsp

Water intake goal = 68oz

May 7, 2017 
21 Day Fix Extreme 7/21
Yoga Fix Extreme
CC Day: 3 Green, 6 Red, 1 Yellow, 3 tsp

5am:  This girl was snoozing!  I did not get up and do the yoga.  I will push play when the girls take a nap today.

12oz water while talking my thyroid pill

8am:  Power surge and we lost power for about 2 minutes, then we heard a boom and it shook the house slightly.  My first thought was a transformer blowing...we found out later that it was a sonic boom from a "secret" unmanned military space shuttle landing at Kennedy...the many things you experience living in Florida.  Hurricanes, tropical storms, alligators, tourists, sonic booms...LOL
9am:  Chocolate Shakeology, Stok, Ice and 2 hard boiled eggs   2 Red

Went to church.  Had an excellent Bible study with PC as usual and I got to be with the big kiddos for second service!  I volunteer for the children's ministry in the nursery.  I am usually in the Pre-K room or the 2 year old room.  Today I was with the K to 5th graders.  Such a difference!! But I always enjoy serving with the kids no matter the age.  I have moments when I don't want to, but it's those times when I probably need to the most.  

12:30pm:  2 hard boiled eggs, 1 cup steamed string beans 16 oz water  1 Red, 1 Green

1:30pm:  Girls are down for a nap and I turn and look at my living room...I think that sonic boom that we heard this morning landed in my living room!  How in the world do 2 little girls make such big messes in a matter of 15 minutes?!?!?!

Really feeling the want for junk food.  I was hard today to come home from church and not dig into the pretzels and hummus.  I didn't have a hard time in the beginning of the week like most people would just starting a new plan...it has been a developing pattern of mine to lose my resolve around week 3 or the end of week 2.  I've really got to focus!  Like Autumn says..."Don't stop when you're tired.  Stop when you're finished."  and I'm not finished until day 21!  The nice thing about eating every 2 hours is you get to eat every 2 hours, LOL!  I'm going to sweep my floor and do some yoga!

Yoga Fix Extreme done about 2:15ish...that is tough for a rest day, LOL!  I was shaking like crazy keep myself up on some of those moves...whew!

I napped from about 3 to 5pm...felt SO nice, then got the girl's their dinners.  

6pm:  Oatmeal w/ 1 tsp coconut oil, and 1 tsp cashew butter, 2 turkey burger patties seasoned with pink salt and garlic powder. I dipped those in mustard for some extra flavor.  1 Yellow, 2 tsp, 2 Red

After they were finished I asked my hubby his favorite question..."Do you want to wash dishes or children?"  LOL!  He chose the dishes, what a good man I have.

Dishes and children clean...now we are dealing with clogged drains  *UGH!*  Hair and sand...sand and hair...hair, sand, sand, hair...there's probably some glitter in there too.  Joys are rearing female children in Florida.  

7pm:  2 hard boiled eggs *I can eat eggs all day everyday!* 1 cup mixed veg (bell pepper, cucumber) 1 cup spinach.  Dressing was 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, dried basil and thyme.   1 Red, 2 Green, 1 tsp   I also made some Chai Iced Tea with 1 Stevia packet added.  16 oz water

Water intake = 40 oz  *well, that stunk*

Today was tough.  Tomorrow I'm back at work...joy...but at least I have my regular schedule of things.  Prepping some food and packing lunches for tomorrow which brings me to Power Strength Extreme!  That workout is part of the "Ultimate Kit", but since I have Beachbody's On Demand All Access pass I don't need to purchase extra kits..it's all right there!  I will do Power Strength tomorrow and next Monday I will go back to Plyo and use my 8's through the whole thing.  Tuesday and Thursday this week I will pick up 10 Minute Hard Core as well.  

"I'm never going to get any better if I don't push past my stopping point."  ~Shelon


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