Friday, May 5, 2017

21 Day Fix Extreme Journal

Daily Journal during the 21 Day Fix Extreme
What I eat, what I drink, how I feel, and whatever else I want to say!

Green = Veg
Red = Protein
Yellow = Carbs
Purple = Fruit
Blue = Healthy Fats
Orange = Seeds & Dressings
Tsp = Oils and Nut Butters

1200-1499 Calories a day
CC Day: 3 Green, 6 Red, 1 Yellow, 3 tsp
Extreme Day: 3 Green, 4 Red, 2 Yellow, 2 Purple, 1 Blue, 1 Orange, 2 tsp

Water intake goal = 68oz

May 4, 2017 
21 Day Fix Extreme 4/21
Lower Fix Extreme
CC Day: 3 Green, 6 Red, 1 Yellow, 3 tsp

5am:  Lower fix extreme…I hated it!  It is a mix of regular leg work, like squats and lunges, mixed with plyo leg work.  It was so hard for me to get through, but I did it.  Some of my hops were very tiny though, LOL.  Extra small baby bunny hops.

Drank 25 oz water during workout and after while taking thyroid pill. 
Filled up another 25 oz with apple cider vinegar added.

8am:  2 hardboiled eggs, 10 oz coffee w/ ½ tsp coconut oil added.  Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid which my body will burn as energy…really needing all I can get right now.  1 Red, ½ tsp

12:00pm:  2 hardboiled eggs 1 Red
Finished my 25 oz ACV cocktail and drank another 20 oz bottle of water while I was out to lunch with Tim…he ate pizza and I drank water  #Igotgoals

2pm:  1 cup Spinach, 1 cups mixed veg (cucumber, carrots, bell pepper) w/ Balsamic Vinegar, baked chicken breast, oatmeal w/ ½ tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp cashew butter, and cinnamon  2 Green, 1 Red, 1 ½ tsp, 1 Yellow

4pm:  2 hard boiled eggs  1 Red

4:30pm:  Shakeology w/ ice coffee  1 Red

6pm:  Salmon filet w/ 1 clove garlic grated on top while baking at 400 for 20 minutes, then I added fresh dill and lemon zest…so good, one of my favorite ways to have salmon. 1 cup steamed veggies (string beans & zucchini)  1 Red, 1 Green

Went to the gym down the street as a guest of a friend of mine from church.  Ate 1 tsp almond butter running out the door to go with her at 8:45pm

Did 4.6 miles on treadmill…combination of running and fast walking.  Speeds I used were 3.5 mph to 5 mph.  Then we did 3 sets of leg raises with a hold at the bottom, and some tricep work.  She did more than I did.  She also went on to do a couple machines after that. And let me tell you something about this girl...she has goals too...she was challenged to do 4 miles on the treadmill without stopping...the longest she had ever done without stopping was 3 miles...

AND SHE DID IT!  4 miles...not stopping!  Heather, you rock!  I am so proud of what you accomplished last night.  Keep at it girl, it's so worth it!  XOXO

Drank another 25 oz water during THAT workout.

Total water intake = 95 oz

Today held some unseen stresses that you can ask me about personally if you know me, but I kept to my plan, AND did another workout.  

Before the $%!* hit the fan today I wrote myself a note.  I have to be constantly reminded of what I'm doing or I will let myself get off track because of whatever external junk is happening in my life.  This is what my note said...

As things unfolded yesterday I was happy to have that staring me down.  This wasn’t something from some person I didn’t know.  Those were my own words, my own decision, my own desires…I will not give up and I will not use food for comfort.  Very simple, and very difficult.  That note help my focus be on my goals for this challenge, not my immediate situation that would only last for a day.  While it held many uncomfortable moments of me wanting to give in and eat the pizza, or eat the coco roasted almonds in the fridge I didn’t. 

Thank the Lord for the ability to pray to him directly, and the peace that comes from knowing Him and His Word.  He is my ultimate comforter, no one else, and nothing else should take His place.   

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  1. Way to go Sis! I need to steal your note, lol. You're such an inspiration!

    1. Thank you sissy. Some days are more difficult than will change too with what is difficult for me on one vs the next. Sometimes it's my workout and others it's my food...then there are days when it's both.


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