21 Day Fix Extreme Journal

Daily Journal during the 21 Day Fix Extreme
What I eat, what I drink, how I feel, and whatever else I want to say!

Green = Veg
Red = Protein
Yellow = Carbs
Purple = Fruit
Blue = Healthy Fats
Orange = Seeds & Dressings
Tsp = Oils and Nut Butters

1200-1499 Calories a day
CC Day: 3 Green, 6 Red, 1 Yellow, 3 tsp
Extreme Day: 3 Green, 4 Red, 2 Yellow, 2 Purple, 1 Blue, 1 Orange, 2 tsp

Water intake goal = 68oz

May 3, 2017 
21 Day Fix Extreme 3/21
Pilates Fix Extreme
Extreme Day: 3 Green, 4 Red, 2 Yellow, 2 Purple, 1 Blue, 1 Orange, 2 tsp

5am:  Pilates fix extreme with a resistance band.  That little red band makes that workout so much more difficult.  Not only the extra resistance, but keeping the band in position when I change positions. 

Drank 12 oz water during workout (not a cardio workout so I just take a couple drinks before I start and when I finish…not to mention that tube…once you’re in it, you don’t get out unless you want more hassle) and after while taking thyroid pill. 

Didn’t feel too bad when I woke this morning, but on the way to work it hit me.  Very tired, but I know this is just my body adjusting to getting its energy source from somewhere different.  Not eating as many carbs is making my body use fat as energy.  It takes a lot to get your body to consume it’s self…it can be very selfish…I wonder where it gets that from?

8am:  2 hardboiled eggs 1 Red
Drank 10 oz coffee w/ 1 tsp honey

10am: Brussle Sprouts pan steamed in vegetable broth with 3 small garlic cloves grated in.  1 Green *next time I need to add more garlic*

Feeling much better after coffee.  Still drinking 25 oz of water with apple cider vinegar added. 

12:30pm:  Turkey Taco Skillet (recipe link), 4 romaine heart leaves, oatmeal w/ 1 tsp coconut oil, cinnamon, blueberries, and raspberries 1 Red, 2 Green, 2 Yellow, 1 Purple, 1 tsp.
This is the most I’ve eat in one meal since Sunday night…I can definitely feel it.  Drank the apple cider vinegar water and I’m working on the 2nd 25 oz bottle

1:30pm:  Feeling sleepy from all the food!!!  I hate feeling like this in the afternoon, and for some stinking reason I have the song Henry the 8th stuck in my head!  #feelingannoyed

2:30pm: 2 pickled eggs 1 Red

OH MAN! Were those good.  It’s been over a year since I have eaten any.  I have no idea of the sugar content since my Mother made them.  She doesn’t measure things so, that is what it is.  Still kinda sleepy.  Drinking 10 oz coffee for an afternoon pick me up.  I will drink my shake on the way home today. 

That leaves me with…a purple, blue, orange, and a teaspoon…hmmm I see an apple with goat cheese, sunflower seeds, and almond butter in my future.

6pm:  I actually didn’t have any goat cheese.  I was reminded that dairy can cause some issues, and when you look at the food list for the blue container the creator on the program, Autumn, avoids dairy when she’s doing the CC plan so, I had…

An apple w/ cinnamon, 1 tsp almond butter, 10 pecan halves, and chopped walnuts 1 Purple, 1 tsp, 1 Blue, 1 Orange

Total water intake = 62 oz

This was a nice treat for the evening and I was not hungry for the rest of the night at all!  You might not believe it, but it's true.  

My fellow coach, Nancy and I were planning our meals over the weekend at Panera with the Jazzercise group.  When they started asking us about the program and how the food goes they seemed to be in disbelief a bit.  You see, when you follow the portion fix containers, that means eating a balanced diet of good clean foods in the proper portions, you drink the Shakeology, which gives you some AMAZING superfoods, vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, phytonutrients, protein…this shake is DENSE nutrition at its best!  You join the challenge group, we have a fun APP we do this through called “My Challenge Tracker”...it will only let you join if you’re invited by a Beachbody coach…our challengers are special, not just anyone can get in on this.  It keeps track of your weights, measurements, pics, your shakes, your workouts…it’s all right there for you to see.  We do daily posts that can focus on a variety of topics, from recipes, to workout form, to motivation, to asking some tough questions that make you think about why you are doing this.  It changes you inside and out.  You reset the way you think about food and exercise and why you do it.  It is amazing and I am so glad I said yes over a year ago.  Working on year 2!!  

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  1. Sorry you're so tired - it might be in the air - I've been zonked the past few days as well

    1. No worries...it goes with the diet change ;-)


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